• Napoleon after escaping exile on Elba

  • On board HMS Bellerophon

  • Exiled on St. Helena

  • Dictating his accounts to Count Las Cases

  • Napoleon with Betsy Balcombe

  • Napoleon on his death bed

The Napoleonic Wars

The Napoleonic Wars (1803 to 1815) were a series of wars declared against Napoleon's French Empire by opposing coalitions. As a continuation of the wars sparked by the French Revolution of 1789, they revolutionised European armies and played out on an unprecedented scale, mainly owing to the application of modern mass conscription. French power rose quickly as Napoleon's armies conquered much of Europe but collapsed rapidly after France's disastrous invasion of Russia in 1812. Napoleon's empire ultimately suffered complete military defeat resulting in the restoration of the Bourbon monarchy in France and the creation of the Concert of Europe. As a direct result of the Napoleonic wars, the British Empire became the foremost world power for the next century, thus beginning Pax Britannica.

Set of 18 coins, comprising of 3 different themes,
Land Battles
Naval Battles
Life in Exile


Date Of Issue 2013
Issuing Authority St. Helena
Denomination Twenty Five Pence
Metal Base Metal
Plating Gold/Silver
Weight 25g approx
Diameter 38.6mm
Edge Milled
Colouring Printed
Obverse Portrait of Queen Elizabeth II